Growing Soccer
on & off the Field


About Me

To sum me up quickly, I’m a multi-facted Soccer Professional.

My main motivation in life is to raise the standard of soccer on and off the field. My strengths include analyzing data, visual communication, and insight generation, among others.

I got here by having a wide range of experience in the soccer industry. I’ve worked as a coach in various clubs in Canada and Germany, a match analyst for TSN, various roles in club operations, creating a data collection system for a sports analytics company, Sportlogiq, and working with the Canadian Premier League (CPL) as an On-Field Performance and Recruitment Analyst. Currently, I’m training for my CSA ‘B’ License, doing a MSc in Business Analytics at the University of Stirling, and working in Data Visualization at Deloitte.

I am in a unique position to be able to discuss several facets of a soccer organization. I understand the business needs of an organization, the power of data to work with the analysts, and am soccer savvy enough to be able to talk tactics with coaches.

From there, I can distill info down to others in an easy-to-understand manner and bridge the "interpretation gap”.

I'm looking forward to raising the standard of soccer around the world. Reach out below

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With Canadian Soccer on the upward trajectory, I looked at ten locations that could be the home to a men's or women's soccer professional club.

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CANWNT Celebration

The Case for a Canadian
Women's League

Many people have been calling for a Canadian Women's League ever since the national team brought home gold.

In this article, I show the potential impact it could make.

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Case Study:
Lille Olympique Sporting Club

LOSC has new ownership and are in debt despite being top of Ligue 1. I take a look at what the new owners could do for the club in the future on and off the field.

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Creating a Club Ethos

A Club Ethos is the foundation which your club grows from. It can help build a playing style, marketing, sponsorship, coaching hires, and more

In this article, I show the potential impact it could make.

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My formal education is based in both written and visual communication so I can paint the clearest picture for key decision makers, coaches, and analysts.


Industry Knowledge

Having experience in various capacities with media outlets, leagues, and clubs I understand what each pain point is and know how to navigate each aspect of the space.



After building the most comprehensive soccer data collection system, I understand the relationship of every action on the field and can make insightful conclusions that others won’t think about.