Smarter Decisions
to Grow Your Club

Steven Marc Scott's Soccer Consulting


Performance and Recruitment

1st team performance sets the tone and emotion around your club. Translating complex tactical concepts to key KPIs is my bread and butter, but I can also help with recruitment. Analyzing your squad, identifying players for transfers, and developing markets for transfers are all part of the success to your 1st team that I’d happily contribute to.

Visit my Tableau Public Page for recruitment radars and
Centre Circle Data for performance analysis reports

Financial Analysis

From determining player contracts to looking at a balance sheet to business analytics, I can evaluate potential opportunities to help your organization be fiscally responsible and grow as a club.

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Club Strategy

Thanks to my education and expertise, I believe ideating a strategy is fundamental to your club’s success and what makes your club tick. Once that’s clear and concise, we can identify other areas for growth, like sponsorship and marketing to create meaningful and lasting partnerships.

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