Ten Locations for Soccer Clubs in Canada...and Some Honourable Mentions

With Canadian Soccer on the upward trajectory, I looked at ten locations that could be the home to a men's or women's soccer professional club.

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CANWNT Celebration

The Case for a Canadian
Women's League

Many people have been calling for a Canadian Women's League ever since the national team brought home gold.
In this article, I show the potential impact it could make.

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Case Study:
Lille Olympique Sporting Club

LOSC has new ownership and are in debt despite being top of Ligue 1. I take a look at what the new owners could do for the club in the future on and off the field.

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Finding a Player's Value

Finding a player's value is a great starting point to understanding how much salary a player should be paid

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Creating a Club Ethos

A Club Ethos is the foundation which your club grows from. It can help build a playing style, marketing, sponsorship, coaching hires, and more

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Analyzing and Identifying Markets for Transfers

The world is a big place. Understanding where one can find competitive player salaries and a high level of play is key to finding value.

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Determining Player Contracts Based on Player Values Over Time

Once we know the market, we can start to identify areas of improvement and potential targets for your club. We can work together to find the players that fit your needs.

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How Data Can Be Used to Help Youth Soccer Clubs

Youth clubs can be hesitant to introduce data into their club but, with a simple exercise, data can be a huge asset to your club.

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Case Study: Oldham Athletic

Oldham Athletic are a League 2 club in England. I take a look at how well they're managing their player salaries, areas of improvement, and a few potential transfer targets.

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Case Study: Angel City FC

Angel City FC's expansion draft is in 2022. Which players could they choose to kick start the club that's garnering attention?
I give it a go.

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